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Cross border trekking to the holy Mountain Kailash

Humla, Manasarova & Mount Kailash

Remote western Nepal and a true Tibetan pilgrimage

A week long trekking through the remote western Nepal into Tibet and a true pilgrimage around the Holy Mount Kailash. These are the main ingredients of a very special trekking. We will start the trekking in the fertile and green area of Simikot. The landscape wel change dramatically in one week. The dry and barren land near Mount Kailash where strong wind can howl is an amazing place. Together with true pilgrims we make or kora around Mount Kailash, a life changing experience.

Trip designer: Jeffry Oonk Jeffry Oonk

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A true pilgrimage to the holy mount Kailash in the mythical Tibet. Making a full kora around “the precious jewel of snows” is dream for many Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims and trekkers around the world. According to Hinduism, Shiva, the Destroyer of evil, resides at the summit of this legendary mountain, whereas Tibetan Buddhist believe that Mount Kailash is the home of the Buddha Demchok, who represents supreme bliss.

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Our journey starts in Kathmandu, one of the three king cities in Nepal. Here we meet our fellow travelers and we will explore the Kathmandu valley with lots of Hindu temples and Buddhist stupas. Our pilgrimage starts with a seven day trekking from Simikot in Nepal, in the remote western district of Humla. We will walk along the River Karnali, through lush valleys, deep canyons and traditional Nepali villages to reach the border with Tibet. With cars we will drive to the base of Mount Kailash (6714 meter), and will camp on the shores of the holy Lake Manasarovar at 4500 meters altitude. From Darchen we start our 50 kilometer long kora with many other devoted pilgrims. We take four days to complete the kora allowing you plenty of time for the necessary acclimatization as well as a chance to visit the three main monasteries on the base of Kailash. This hard trekking through a bare landscape with the holy Mount Kailash, which is perfectly symmetrical, on our right hand is one of the world’s most fascinating pilgrimages. On day three we climb to the 5670 meter high Dolma-La pass, the highest point of our trekking. After our amazing trekking we drive to Lhasa in three days. The Tibetan highlands are home to traditional herdsmen with their yaks and goats. We might even see pilgrims traveling on foot to fulfill their kora around Mount Kailash. For many, a long time wish becomes true visiting the old Lhasa city. Lhasa is a truly fascinating, with the magnificent Potala Palace as a landmark. The palace is just one of the many interesting places to visit. After a last day in Kathmandu, this “Journey of a Lifetime” comes to an end. With a head full of life changing memories we will travel home again.

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  • Klimmen 1,361m
  • Dalen 1,356m
  • Hoogste punt 5,649m
  • Afstand 50km

This unique trekking is both a physical journey as well as a journey for the soul, and you are ready for it. You have always wanted to submerge yourself in the creative chaotic life of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Once on trail during the first part of this trekking you like the quiet and peaceful routine of walking and camping in the green and lush Western side of Nepal. You like to interact with the locals in the small villages that we pass through, in teahouses, in monasteries, and on the fields. The contrast with the bare and open plains of the Tibetan plateau is immense, and you can’t get enough of it. When you see the Holy Mount Kailash and all the Buddhist and Hindu pilgrims you know you can do it too. To circumnavigate this mountain in four days climber over a 5600 meter high pass will not be easy, but you know it is very rewarding. After the active part of this tour you look forward to the road trip to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. To walk through this town of mythical proportions has been one of your dream for a long time. And now you are here.

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Humla, Manasarova & Mount Kailash


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